Bringing her farm girl ways from the west to West Virginia, country crooner Clare Dunn will take the stage this Friday at Schmitt’s Saloon to showcase one of her newest tracks, "Tuxedo.

With roots deeply embedded in southeast Colorado, just miles from the Oklahoma panhandle, Dunn envisioned her life as an artist. Working on her family’s farm, Dunn was always busy working cattle, hauling water and operating farm equipment. But, between those trips into those dusty, barren fields, Dunn dreamt up lyrics and melodies, hoping to someday pursue a career in the music industry.

Driving 45 minutes to school and graduating with only eight classmates, Dunn left high school aiming to chase her dreams in the big city. After leaving her small college in Texas, Dunn transferred to Belmont University in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee to continue her career. Learning to play both the electric and acoustic guitar, Dunn was determined to make her way into the country music industry. When she wasn’t mastering the guitar or stuck in the library with course work, Dunn was driving a silage truck through Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska to pay for her education.

Finally graduating with honors, Dunn officially transitioned from life in the Dust Bowl to life in the big city. After years of working from the bottom up to establish herself as a country music singer, Dunn began writing music with any and all Nashville artists.

In an interview with Whiskey Riff, Dunn said she began laying the groundwork for her first publishing deal with Luke Bryan’s producer, Jeff Stevens. Working with Stevens, Dunn sang backups in Bryan’s famous country single "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)."

"It’s all built on a song, the song drives the train in this town. I was lucky to realize that early," Dunn said in her interview with Whiskey Riff.

"I would write with anybody that was willing to write with me. It’s what I lived, ate, slept and breathed."

Determined to build her reputation in a town full of country star hopefuls, Dunn continued to pave her road to success. Landing a publishing deal with co-writer and producer, Ben West, Dunn began drafting the lyrics for her debut single "Get Out," that released in December of 2013.

Gaining publicity and popularity, "Get Out" finally made it to the charts after it aired as a "Highway Find" on SiriusXM’s channel "The Highway." Continuing to forge friendships with country music moguls, Dunn carried her strong work ethic with her. From the creative process to recording, Dunn played a role in every aspect of recording her songs, "Cowboy Side of You," "Move On" and "Tuxedo."

Since then, the artist has toured with notable country acts such as Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban and Hank Williams, as well as headlining her own tour promoting singles from her debut EP. This spring and summer, Dunn will hit the road to promote her tracks as well as a guest star on stage with Lee Brice, Justin Moore, Easton Corbin and Jerrod Niemann. "No matter who you are, music is an art and you have to love it and be passionate about it," Dunn said in her interview with Whiskey Riff.

"There’s a lot of work that goes into it. In the end, people that work the hardest and make the most sacrifices are going to come out on top, guy or girl. If the music is good, it will find its way."

Clare Dunn will take the stage at 8:30 p.m. Friday night at Schmitt’s Saloon. For more information, visit