Ryan Skid

Ryan Skid is a rapper whose social media influence contributed to his recent success.

Newly released EP "Middle of Nowhere" details the personal experiences of the hip hop artist, and a Flatwoods, West Virginia native, Ryan Skid, as part of an ongoing series of EP’s.

"This is my commitment to music," Skid said, discussing how he has returned to the music industry for good after a long hiatus.

Skid said that "life getting in the way" of his passion, as he struggled to find a job he enjoyed and was finding his way in the world led to this break from music.

Skid was born and raised in Braxton County, West Virginia and is a West Virginia University alumnus. He draws on his roots in his home state to create lyrics that describe the stories of his experiences.

"When you come from the middle of nowhere, there is nobody that really has that hip hop voice," Skid said, discussing his reason for pursuing his passion. "Nobody from there, especially kids that don’t have a voice, has been represented on a large scale. There are a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes, and West Virginia is behind the 8-ball in chances to succeed and in trying to create an outlet for hope and opportunity."

The EP starts with Skid struggling to succeed in this environment and his relationships in it, and eventually moves forward to describe his decision to leave the state of West Virginia and move forward.

Skid describes the album as, "chronicling my struggle to stay in West Virginia to pursue to dreams and my ultimate moving away. I think the project sums up the situation for many youth in Appalachia & is relevant to the mass numbers of young people leaving the area, and the new lives they embark on with parts of their pasts that are hard to let go."

To listen to "Middle of Nowhere," and to learn more about this ongoing project, visit Ryan’s website, ryanskid.com.