West Virginia Public Theatre’s Sylvia mixes laughing, crying and barking into an emotional tale about a love triangle between a man, his wife, and a man’s best friend.

The threat of rain did not repel people from listening to jazz in a Morgantown park. On Tuesday, the James Moore Quintet played at Krepps Park surrounded by a crowd.

As the conductor, author, lyricist, theorist, pianist, vocal coach and businessman for the production, senior music composition major Luke Diamond worked hard to bring his original music drama to life.

Based on the 1983 film "Flashdance," "Flashdance the Musical" tells the timeless tale of Alex Owens, a Pittsburgh steel mill welder by day and an exotic bar dancer by night. The musical follows Alex’s journey to pursue her dreams as a professional performer. When Alex becomes romantically in…

"Waving Goodbye" debuted last Friday as a part of The Lab Theatre Spring Season. This was the second show of its season that was completely directed and produced by students. "Waving Goodbye" encompasses a story of triumph and emotion as 17-year-old, Lily Blue, lives with her absent mother d…

Written by Jamie Pachino, the 2002 play is being directed by senior BA theatre student Kayla Lutz as a part of her capstone. It features three female and two male actors from WVU’s Theatre Department.

Because there isn’t much historical proof or evidence of the Norsemen and their journeys, many historians have critiqued the authenticity of the show. Despite these claims, the show hasn’t been negatively affected from a viewership standpoint.

The musical is based off of the 2007 Academy Award winning film, rejoicing the bond between music and love. The story unfolds as an Irish street musician meets a Czech immigrant and the two fall in love over the Irish man’s music

The name may ring a bell to Morgantown locals. Tuck has performed around Morgantown for the last 10 years, as part of the band The Greens and solo. He is known for his energetic, upbeat attitude and soulful tunes that blare out of his amp. 

Now that we’re about halfway through season five of "American Horror Story," it’s time to check back in with what has been going on in the Hotel Cortez. If you are not fully caught up with "AHS: Hotel," I recommend not reading on as there will be a few plot points containing spoilers that wi…

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