AHS: Hotel


AHS: Hotel has delivered on its promise of creepy entertainment.

Now that we’re about halfway through season five of "American Horror Story," it’s time to check back in with what has been going on in the Hotel Cortez. If you are not fully caught up with "AHS: Hotel," I recommend not reading on as there will be a few plot points containing spoilers that will be addressed.

At the end of episode six, a lot of characters are already on downward spirals as is common to AHS. There have been several characters who have been brutally killed off already. The Countess’s bladed deathglove already has a double digit body count, and now that Iris has also gone off the deep end, the corpses are starting to pile.

In last night’s episode, the male model barbarian Tristan, who was played by Finn Wittrock, was murdered by The Countess in the final scene for going behind her back, and initiating an emotional relationship with the drag queen bartender Liz Taylor. We also saw a bit into the mind of The Countess in a flashback of her having an abortion that led to the birth of some sort of undead, imp child named Bartholomew, in the ‘20s.

The abortion was carried out by Dr. Charles Montgomery in the Murder House from season one, providing another link within the American Horror Story universe. The Countess has big plans, as she continues to seduce the new owner of the hotel so that she can inherit his enormous fortunes to provide for a baby. Even still, Ramona Royale, Donovan and Iris are plotting to destroy everything she loves in an act of vengeance for her betrayal of their love.

On the other hand, we have the ongoing story of Detective John Lowe, who has become targeted by the chaos in the Hotel Cortez and suffers from visions and hauntings that drive him mad. This is partly caused by his newly infected wife, Alex, who is so in love with her vampire son Holden that she chose to be changed so  she could be with him in exchange for working under the Countess. Her decisions since becoming a vampire have been catastrophic—she infected a sick boy in order to keep him alive which led to him infecting the rest of the kids in his class, after killing a few teachers and the principal, as well as intentionally breaking her husband’s mental stability and ignoring her other daughter.

In last night’s episode, Lowe showed up at a church where he saw a televangelist brutally gutted and displayed by the Ten Commandments Killer. The sin this time was "Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain," which the televangelist has done by using Christianity and sermons to profit him. This plot line has been hardly touched in the last few episodes, but I assume it is still critical to "Hotel" because of the incorporation of the commandments in the opening credits sequence. With Lowe’s mind crumbling and many characters already putting plans in motion against one another, the second half of season five of "American Horror Story" should prove to be as exciting as it will horrific.