Brian Davis


Brian Davis will sing and greet fans at Schmitt's Saloon on Saturday.

A small town country boy became an apprentice to one of the greatest songwriters of all time. This small town musician, Brian Davis, will be shaking the stage of Schmitt’s Saloon tonight.

Davis is known for his alternative country style and natural songwriting skills. He started singing at the age of six in the small town of Biboa, North Carolina and worked his way up to a nationally known country musician.Davis learned of his love for country music hanging out in honky-tonks of his town. His career took a ride to his highest point, as he became a partner to legendary songwriter Harlan Howard, the writer of the song

"I Fall to Pieces".

Davis is known as a modest musician, living by the motto "If you build it they will come." After performing all over North Carolina, Davis opened for his friend and co-writer Brantley Gilbert on the Hell on Wheels tour of 2013. Six albums deep, Davis is now promoting his newest album "Under the Influence" on his tour. "Under the Influence" is a musical biography of Davis, portraying his life and the evolution of his music work.

Davis made a guest appearance at the Lee Brice concert at Schmitt’s Saloon on Wednesday. He is eager to come back Friday night for his own show in Morgantown. Davis has toured through West Virginia three times, once in an arena with Brantley Gilbert and twice at Schmitt’s Saloon. Davis is looking forward to "throwing down" with Morgantown fans once more this


"I am looking forward to the usual West Virginia party. A packed room full of people read to have a great time," Davis said. "I think everyone coming should expect a high-energy party and be ready to throw down."

Davis revealed his favorite part of performing is watching fans react to his music. He does not enjoy pushing his music on audiences, so it is special when he can share that bond with his loyal fan base.

Country music fan and junior psychology student Courtney McDonald never heard of Davis until after his show with Lee Brice this past week. Country music is her outlet to escaping reality. McDonald is interested in the concert after hearing about Davis’s music and upcoming show.

"I know Brian Davis toured with Brantley Gilbert, so I am sure I will love him as much as I love Gilbert," McDonald said. "My favorite type of country is the rock style. I know his single "Hurt Like Hell Yeah" so I think the show will definitely be right up my alley."

An exclusive pregame event is offered through Davis’s Facebook event page. Fans can pay $25 to "Meet and Drink with Brian Davis" which includes one cold alcoholic beverage, one coozie, one CD and an intimate, acoustic performance along with a photograph with Davis.

"We have recently gained our first number one single. I co-wrote it with my friends Brantley Gilbert and Michael Dekle. We are so excited to celebrate with you all," Davis said.

The concert begins at 8:30 p.m. tonight at Schmitt’s Saloon. General admission tickets can be purchased online for $10 at