Kevin Hamric


Kevin Hamric will perform at Black Bear’s Evansdale location tomorrow evening.

Whether it’s by himself or with his band, Kevin Hamric plays at Black Bear Burritos frequently, and he’s gracing the Evansdale location’s stage once again.

Hamric has the light, soft style that Black Bear looks for during dinnertime entertainment, so he keeps coming back to play.

"He’s been a recurring musician for a long time for us," said Tyler Baker, the general manager of Black Bear’s Evansdale location. "He’s been playing here as long as I’ve been here."

That’s been about four years, and he keeps coming back. In the past four months, he’s played at both locations eight times.

Hamric either plays by himself or with his band, Weary Space Wanderer, which is a five-part band. Hamric is on vocals and guitar; Chis Baker, bass guitar; Jim Bidwell, lead guitar; and Mike Arbogast and Todd Stubblefield, percussion/drums.

Weary Space Wanderer is described on its website as "an eclectic ride into what modern mountain music can be." The band is about "taking the stories built on an acoustic guitar and shaping them into mind-bending trips of Americana and roots-rock exploration."

The group is local and often performs in Morgantown and West Virginia. Weary Space Wanderer and Hamric himself have recently played at Mountain State Brewing Company and Morgantown Brewing Company.

And because these people are in this region, the Appalachian music has influenced the band’s sound. They have Appalachian rhythm rock and soul in their tracks, and which ideal for Black Bear because the eatery typically brings in classic rock and light acoustic musicians.

"We have local musicians, occasionally from Nashville or out of Pittsburgh, mostly within the region," Baker said. "We’re not trying to have full-on bands in here. We try to keep it to one or two-person acts that have a nice, light sound that go well with our guests."

Baker prefers the softer bands to loud, vivacious ones because customers are eating and chatting, and extra background noise can interfere with the dining experience.

"We have music and singing in the background of people dining rather than people coming here for music. It’s more coffee shop-esque," he said, noting that it’s very different than music venues such as 123 Pleasant Street or Mainstage Morgantown.

While there are no specials because of Hamric’s solo performance, there are weekly specials at Black Bear. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a guest can purchase two West Virginia-brewed beers and any special guest menu item for $15.

Hamric is playing solo at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Evansdale Black Bear on 3119 University Ave.