Tuesday night, the popular jam band, Lotus, packed Mainstage Morgantown with people and good vibes. In the midst of a super busy week, Lotus brought peace, serenity and enjoyment to students and community members lucky enough to take a mid-week break.

Lotus, an electronic jam band, can be compared to the father of all jam bands, the Grateful Dead, and the infamous Phish mixed with today’s electronic music. With roots in rock and roll, Lotus also dabbles in jazz, funk, hip-hop and many other genres.

Comprised of five members, Lotus is just incredible. One of the coolest features of the concert was the light show. Paired perfectly with the music, everyone was just grooving to the beat, lost in the lights.

Lotus is touring with special guest Michal Menert and the Pretty Fanastics. Menert has worked as co-producer on the Pretty Lights album "Taking Up Your Precious Time". Opening the show, Menert really added hype and passion to the music, making it a unique experience for fans. With passion comparable to Zeppelin’s John Bonham, the crowd could see the heart and soul Menert put into his music.

"It was amazing. It was breathtaking," said WVU student Alex McKenzie. "Those guys were everything I wanted to see here. The light show was just insane."

With its growing popularity, Lotus drew in a huge crowd. Despite the concert being on a weekday, Mainstage Morgantown was absolutely packed. By Tuesday afternoon, the show was officially sold out.

"We announced the show about a month ago and had an immediate response on online ticket sales," said Ally Grimm, Promotions Team Leader at Mainstage. "At our tables outside and at events, most of the tickets sold were to Lotus."

Not only did Lotus draw in a lot of WVU students and Morgantown residents, but people from all around West Virginia came out to the show.

"Usually we get mostly a WVU crowd but since Lotus is such a huge band, we’ve had a lot of people call from around West Virginia, Uniontown, Wheeling and are going to drive down here," Grimm said.

Known as a chill band with a trippy ambiance, Mainstage was the perfect place for Lotus to perform. Only 500 people are allowed in the venue, creating a smaller, low-key environment perfect for Lotus’ music and light show. People all over the venue were reconnecting, meeting up with their jam band families and dancing like the night would never end.

"Lotus has been to Morgantown before but only to the Metropolitan, and it’s cool to see them in a different place," Grimm said. "We’re smaller so it’s more intimate."

Lotus absolutely killed it. With a mixed crowd of experienced hippies and young electronic fans, Lotus was truly a crossover event. The psychedelic feel of the music took one back to 1975 with a modern-day, electric touch. For a Tuesday, this evening was an unforgettable experience.

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