Despite having only a few weeks to produce, students successfully showcased their acting skills last weekend in the free student run play, "Waving Goodbye."

"Waving Goodbye" debuted last Friday as a part of The Lab Theatre Spring Season. This was the second show of its season that was completely directed and produced by students. "Waving Goodbye" encompasses a story of triumph and emotion as 17-year-old, Lily Blue, lives with her absent mother during her last year as a minor after her father suddenly passed away.

Junior acting student, Megan Peters portrayed Blue as she struggles through this emotional chapter of transitioning to adulthood. Blue’s father passed away in a mountain climbing accident, and she finds ways to deal with her grief through art and self-expression. Her mother, Amber, played by freshman musical theatre student Jordan Crow, was absent throughout Blue’s life and struggles with accepting the loss of Jonathan Blue, played by senior theatre student Max Gould. Amber’s best friend, Perry Marshall, played by sophomore acting student, Brittany Awaldt is a spunky addition to the play as she consoles Amber through her life struggles. The last character, H. Bogsworth Barry, played by junior acting student Allen Ludwick, helps Blue as her new friend and only support system.

The passionate and touching story written by Jamie Pachino showcases Blue as she finds individuality and positive ways to deal with her grief. This play expresses the real truth of facing the death of a loved one in a poetic, unique way with words.

The director of the show, Kayla Lutz, is a senior theatre student. Lutz said the show is unique for a number of reasons.

"First, it is told as a mixture of present-day scenes and flashbacks, which tells the story in a very interesting way," Lutz said. "Also, an art piece is created every night during the show by Megan Peter, the actor who plays


Lutz said that although the show was put together in only a mere few weeks, she has enjoyed the memories made through the production of the show.

"I really loved just laughing with my cast and getting to know them all better as they got to know their characters," Lutz said. "We really got to play around and try a lot of different things for each scene, which resulted in lots of laughs and memories."

Sophomore musical theatre student, Elisabeth Schiffbauer attended the play on Sunday afternoon to see her best friend play Perry. Schiffbauer said how the small staff worked hard with the rest of the crew to perfect this play in only a matter of weeks.

"(The cast) has put in a lot of work for this because they only had about four weeks to put the show together," Shiffbauer said. "It was a really fast turnaround, so they have been working really hard for this."

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