Cloe is a sweet, old girl who is scared of everything - including the bath tub.

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This is Chester, a majestic baby that emerged from the depths of the forest to fill my life with happiness and love.

Juneau loves chewing bones and playing with her brother Arminius.

This is Salem. He was born on Christmas. He loves to cuddle and walk around the pet store on a leash. 

This little lady goes by Nathan Scott. She likes to eat crickets and bathe in her water bowl.

Mia is regal and thinks she owns the house, but still cuddly and sweet.

Chiku is cuddly, very talkative and loves to play ALL the time.

Ray is a lazy weenie who loves his family and sunbathing.

This is Felix. Many people think he's a stuffed animal, but he is not.

Eve and Pippin are two sisters who love playing outside, climbing trees, catching moths and cuddling up in bed!

Ash loves to sleep and cuddle until you move him from his slumber. Then, he gets feisty.

Otis’ favorite things include tennis balls, playing “no take, only throw” and making funny faces!

Gigi and Lulu are two peas in a pod. Family and friends typically refer them as “the girls” because they look so much alike and do so many things together.

Lizzie LOVES to fetch the ball... all day long! She understands 40 words and the spelling of 7 words– no joke.

Lady is a playful little dog who loves running around the woods, cuddling up to people and getting belly rubs.

Pedro spends his days chillaxin’ in his new backyard after retiring from Greyhound racing. 

This is Salem. He was born on Christmas, loves to cuddle and walk around the pet store on a leash.

Rosie is a very good girl who enjoys going to the dog park and eating things she’s not supposed to. 

Riley loves belly rubs and hugs as well as getting her nails painted!

Rose and Abbi are 4-year-old sisters who love to hike and go boating on canoes, kayaks and SUPs!

Oliver enjoys walks in the park and giving people hugs. 

This is Grappa, a West Highland Terrier, posing near her favorite building on campus.

Lorelai is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever. Her favorite treat is beef and sweet potato jerky dog treats.

This is Jingles! She was adopted in December 2017, loves to play with hair ties and is a little ball of energy.

Leo loves playing with Q-tips, Dixie cups and mouse toys. He often gets into trouble!

Arminius is super independent and typically will not listen to anything you say unless you have a treat for him.

This is Raven. She is three years old. She loves laying in leaves and chasing birds.

This is Trooper the smallmouth bass. She is about one year old and is very excited to be released into a private pond this spring. She loves chasing minnows and eating shrimp.

Cruz loves running, playing fetch, swimming, snow, playing at the dog park and going on hikes

Clementine is super excited for spring weather so she can spend time in the great outdoors.

After competing in races in Sarasota, Florida, Dante the Greyhound is excited to enjoy retirement in his forever home! He was adopted from Paws on the Mountain Greyhound Rescue.

Jyn loves napping, running in the Krepps dog park, napping and cheering on the Mountaineers!

Sophia, also known as “Soph,” loves to play, cuddle and act like a princess.

McKinley loves her new home in Morgantown!

Charles loves to cuddle and eat entire bags of treats when his owner's not home.

Kevin loves to spend his free time at the WVU Rec fields playing with other dogs!

The bathroom sink is one of Charlie’s favorite lounging spots. 

This little girl’s name is Riley. She loves to hike, chew on bones and go shopping.

Syd likes to spend his afternoons snuggled up on the couch. 

Daisy is dreaming of summer. This adventurous kitty loves to walk on a leash, especially at the Arboretum!

Roxie is a big goof who loves to give kisses!

Einstein was thought to be a boy kitten...but she defied all odds. 

This is Tuesday, an 8-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy! She loves snow, and her favorite treat is deer antlers.

This is Bane, the best emotional support pup ever.

This is Doowey! Her favorite treat is Cheerios!

This is Scout! She loves graham crackers, tennis balls and being outside. 

The Mountaineers have fans far and wide, big and small and even fluffy.

Bullet, a pit bull, examines the holiday lights. He loves giving lots of kisses and snuggling up by the fireplace.

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