Bringing back comedy’s “baddest” broads, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson return for all new adventures and troubles on Comedy Central’s “Broad City.”

Following the woes of New York City natives, “Broad City” delves into the lives of both Abrams and Wexler: two New York City residents struggling to find their way in the bustling city.

Seasons one and two of “Broad City” gave viewers a glimpse into the comedic and chaotic lives of Ilana and Abbi, two broke 20-something year-olds coping with relationships, careers and bizarre situations. Jacobon’s inner struggle between wanting to pursue a career as a personal trainer while only being a gym janitor seems appropriate for those yearning for a better career. This personal struggle panned out as per usual in the series debut season, with awkward encounters and hilarious daily struggles.

Wexler’s work ethic, however, lacks aspirations like her counterpart. Lazy, stoned and always late, Wexler’s situation with her employment features arguments with her boss and countless excuses. Her relationship woes with boyfriend Lincoln Rice, played by Hannibal Buress, played a huge role in seasons one and two’s plots. As her jokester self, Glazer refuses to acknowledge Rice’s urge to take things to the next level. As a successful pediatric dentist, Rice’s loyalty to Wexler is also portrayed throughout the seasons.

After returning for a third season, “Broad City” is back, and more provocative than ever with Jacobson and Glazer returning with nudity and hilarity. In an ultimate “bra-mance,” Jacobson and Glazer create a show all about women, for women.

While Jacobson and Glazer’s colorful, Comedy Central characters are nonetheless the same this season, with Glazer offering her typical “hip-hop” babe facade and Jacobson sticking true to her clumsy, neurotic self, season three offers a refreshing look into the besties’ lives.

Leading up to the premiere of season three, the quirky girl couple released a series of web shorts showcasing the two doing what they do best: smoking weed, scamming dudes and frolicking the streets of New York City. Interestingly, the three-minute videos developed what would be season three.

In typical “Broad City” fashion, season three takes viewers deeper into the lives of Abrams and Wexler. Continuing to struggle with Rice, Wexler’s relationship will undoubtedly continue to face challenges in the new season. Abrams, however, will surely continue to clean the vomit from the floors of the spin classrooms. While season three will revisit issues from seasons past, many new struggles will arise in the ladies’ lives, causing new stresses and outbursts.

“Broad City” continues to craft an impact on pop culture and late night television. Jacobson and Glazer each represent the staple image of a struggling 20-something-year-old. Working odd jobs, sipping cheap drinks and causing mischief represents the lifestyle of many post-grad millennials. While the lives of Abrams and Wexler make for one hilarious comedy series, the two also represent the average struggling 20-something-year-old girl. Rather than enjoy a $30 brunch with endless mimosas, the New York duo is scraping pennies and cooking from home.

Catch “Broad City” at 10 p.m on Wednesday on Comedy Central.