Imagine surviving in a world where communications are cut off, medications are obsolete and U.S. Armed Forces are weakened by a worldwide disaster. Throw thousands of flesh-eating zombies into that apocalyptic mix and existing another day is nearly impossible.

Last season, “Fear the Walking Dead” showcased just how far those would go to survive in a devastating disaster, such as a zombie disease outbreak. Picking up right where the short, six-episode debut season left off, Sunday’s premiere showcased our heroes fleeing zombie-stricken Los Angeles in a yacht, “Abigail.”

In the final episodes of season one, viewers watched in horror as lead character Travis had to take his ex-wife’s life after she was bitten. Travis’ son Chris, struggling with his father’s action, is having a hard time letting go, literally, and decides to drag his mother’s body aboard “Abigail.” Although the group is fending off walkers from every angle, they manage to get aboard safely, dead bodies and all.

Following the direction of their mysterious leader, Victor Strand, who met Nick, Travis’ girlfriend’s son, while quarantined in Los Angeles, tensions on the boat reach an all-time high. Strand’s character, enigmatic and stoic, consistently reminds the clan that he’s in charge. Full speed ahead and far away from the fiery remnants of LA, the heroes sail away into the safety of the sea, or so they think.

Greeting an isolated rescue boat of floating zombie bait, Travis’ girlfriend, Madison, pleads to stop to save them. But, as his last name suggests, Strand’s yacht isn’t open for visitors. Establishing her character as the “good guy,” Madison’s need to save everyone will surely be her downfall. In a zombie apocalypse, it’s necessary to become selfish and insensitive.

Struggling with the loss of her boyfriend, Madison’s daughter Alicia made the most naive move of the episode. Finding a radio, Alicia began making contact with an unidentified voice, Jack, who suggested he was barely surviving aboard a small boat with his brother and sister-in law. In conversation, Alicia innocently reveals “Abigail’s” location to Jack, who happens to be a member of a pirate clan out at sea. While Alicia is unknowingly sealing “Abigail’s” fate, the other members aboard the ship find debris from a yacht decorated with countless bullet holes. As Nick jumps in the water, swimming to a voice he seems to hear from “Abigail,” he fights off aquatic zombies only to find there is no one screaming from inside the sunken ship. Nick, being the fearless junkie that he is, comes to the surface with a yacht log before climbing back aboard. As the survivors quickly regroup, they rush to escape the waterlogged swimming dead and the pirates who are en route.

It’s difficult to tell how the remainder of season two will pan out, but after the season premiere, it seems “Fear the Walking Dead” will outdo its counterpart, “The Walking Dead.” With a plot that’s based out at sea, the crew will undoubtedly have to stop for fuel and supplies. Rather than focus on one area, like Alexandria in “The Walking Dead,” this season of “Fear the Walking Dead” hopes to keep viewers on their toes with many location changes. As this season’s slogan suggests, “there is no safe harbor,” and the desperate survivors aboard “Abigail” will not be able to stay anchored at sea for long.