Theon and Sansa

Theon and Sansa flee across an icy river with Ramsay’s vicious dogs in hot pursuit.

Editor’s note: Contains spoilers

Picking up where major cliffhangers were left unresolved, the premiere of “Game of Thrones” proved that season six will be dark and full of terrors.

In the series’ opening, viewers catch a swooping view of Castle Black where Jon Snow’s waxy, cold figure lies bloody. Hearing the chilling howls of Snow’s direwolf, Ser Davos awoke to find the Bastard of Winterfell dead with a sign that read “traitor” above his fallen body.

Although many viewers have held onto hope of a Jon Snow awakening conspiracy, Snow seemed as good as dead as Davos cradled his dead body into Castle Black. Greeting members of the Night’s Watch who served as Snow’s companions, Davos and company seemed to be in as much shock as fans of the show when accepting Snow’s fate.

Almost as surprising as the death of Snow, The Red Woman, Melisandre, had her own shocking surprise. As The Red Woman burst into the room where Davos and members of the Night’s Watch stood over Snow’s stiff body, there was a brief moment where it was assumed the sacred woman would resurrect The Bastard of Winterfell. Rather, the stoic woman just looked down upon Snow’s luscious curly locks with despair. Losing her King, Stannis Baratheon, and what inkling of faith she had left in Jon Snow, The Red Woman seemed desperate and lost as she sulked back to her quarters. Facing a mirror, we watched as The Red Woman uncloaked before the screen flaunting a youthful body that quickly withered and wrinkled. Removing her necklace as well, Melisandre’s transformation from glowing, gorgeous red head to corpse-like gave this season the cliffhanging jumpstart it needed.

Taking the plot off course of George RR Martin’s novels, the Stark sisters seem to be in two totally different worlds of trouble.

Fleeing Winterfell and her deranged husband Ramsay, Sansa Stark accompanied once family friend and Ramsay’s pet, Theon/Reek, over the walls of the castle. Running madly from the hounds on their trail, Sansa and Theon cross frigid waters and deep snow drifts attempting to escape. Finding an uprooted tree buried amongst the snow, the two duck for cover before being sniffed out by Dreadfort hounds. Before being scooped up by Ramsay’s men, loud hooves are heard beating into the frozen ground and Brienne, who attempted to save Sansa from her “dreaded” fate last season, appears yielding a sword. Together, Brianne, Podrick and Theon slay the Dreadfort men. Finally coming to her senses, Sansa accepts Brienne’s protection, and viewers finally breathe a sigh of relief. After seasons of torment, could Sansa truly be free of a twisted and violent fate?

While her sister may be receiving the protection she has long needed, fearless femme fatale Arya seems to finally have met her maker. Arya pays a heavy price this season for her betrayal within the House of Black and White. Now blind and homeless, Ayra is seen begging for coins when a young girl greets her with a stick. Beating blind Arya, the young girl promises she’ll be back tomorrow to teach Arya how to fight blind. This season, viewers may see the more vulnerable side of the young Winterfell heroine.

After fleeing Meereen amidst a bloody and dangerous battle, Daenerys is found and captured by Dothraki, and the homecoming is not as sweet as was expected. After walking miles through the barren desert, Daenerys greets Khal Moro, where she tries to save herself from the impending rapes and beatings she will soon face. In Dothraki tongue, Khaleesi explains her marriage to the deceased Khal Drogo. Unknowing to her, Khaleesi sealed her fate after opening up about her Dothraki past. Facing full fury of Dothraki traditions and customs, Daenerys is told she must spend the remainder of her days within the horse capital with the remainder of Khal widows. It’s hard to tell how long Khaleesi will be waiting for her saviors, Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis to arrive.

And as for the Lannister’s family affairs, there is a lot brewing. With Jamie and Cersei pledging to take revenge against the entire kingdom after the death of their daughter Myrcella, it will be interesting to see what the brother/sister love duo are capable of doing. As for Tyrion, the Royal Imp is facing a rough road ahead filling the shoes of Daenerys in Meereen.

Kicking off with serious budding plots, season six of “Game of Thrones” may be the bloodiest and most twisted season yet.