It is time to return to the couch on Thursday evenings as ABC brings back one of its longest running television dramas from its two-month winter hiatus.

ABC debuted the return of the melodrama “Grey’s Anatomy” last Thursday, starting the season with a dramatic episode directed by Denzel Washington. The series is continuing its 12th season with twisted plot lines and the continued life of surgeon Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo.

Thursday included episode nine of the 12th season, named “The Sound of Silence.” This hour-long episode is about a terrifying attack Grey encounters by a patient leaving her deaf for weeks. The patient, Lou, became out of control and beat Meredith to almost death, leaving her severely injured. The episode shows her recovery from this unexpected attack and her observations of the hospital around her as she is stationed in the hospital bed. In case you missed last season, Meredith is recovering from losing her late husband, Derek Shepherd but is back at work in Seattle. Season 12 began three months after the events of Derek’s death due to the grief felt by Grey.

Derek’s sister, Dr. Amelia Shepherd, played by Caterina Scorsone, is walking on the edge as she is on bad terms with almost every character of the show. Meredith kicked Amelia out of her house due to her alcoholism, similar to what Meredith’s father battled in previous seasons. Shepherd broke her sobriety in the midseason finale of season 12, leaving viewers curious about her progress with Meredith in the upcoming episodes. Amelia held herself responsible for Meredith’s attack due to failure of checking on the patient Meredith was tending to, because of their rocky relationship.

As episode nine progresses, the episode is shown through Grey’s eyes. The heartbreaking episode shows Grey observing Amelia and Owen’s broken relationship, her curiosity about Alex and Jo’s relationship status and all of the doctors checking on Grey every day showing positive thoughts despite her growing negativity. Meredith’s close friend and fellow doctor, Alex Karev, brings Grey’s children to visit her but they are scared by her wired shut jaw and will not go near her. Later on in the episode, Dr. Weber tells Grey that Shepherd came in drunk the day after her attack because she felt guilty about what happened. He tells Grey to forgive Amelia and let go of her pain.

Characters Jackson and April are getting a divorce as Grey views this from her hospital bed. Lou apologized to Grey and she forgives him and they cry together, but viewers find out Grey is not yet ready to forgive Amelia yet. In the end of the episode, Karev helps prop Grey up at home and she encourages him to rekindle his romance with his former girlfriend, Jo. The end scene shows him at her door, leaving viewers to question what will happen next.

In this upcoming season, many viewers are questioning Grey’s love life, which is a pivotal topic of discussion on the series. There are speculations she will begin dating again in the upcoming episodes as she goes to therapy. Fans can expect a lot of relationship drama between not only Meredith, but between basically all of the couples in the show at this point. Viewers can also expect a long road of recovery for Meredith Grey as she recuperates from her attack, leaving her even more broken than viewers can imagine. Lastly, the plot thickens with Amelia as her relapse intensifies throughout her challenging journey to sobriety.

New episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” air at 8 p.m. Thursday nights on ABC.

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