Bent Willey’s is a frequent destination of many Morgantown residents. With its great dance music and drink specials, it is one of the most popular bars downtown. However, one person’s shot of whiskey is another person’s glass of wine. A calm, more laid-back business is nestled inside the huge nightclub for those looking for a more intimate social scene. That business is the Vintage Room.

The Vintage Room opened in 2003. In the past 13 years, the business has built up a great reputation around town as a respected, upscale establishment. Purchasing Bent Willey’s and the Vintage Room in 2013, owner Nick Kelly has made sure to offer a little something for everyone. In one building, a group of friends can have a beautiful dinner with a specialty cocktail and then end their night on the dance floor of one of the biggest clubs in town.

“We are located in the same building as Bent Willey’s, but we are not the same concept,” said Vintage Room manager Chris Strakal. “Bent (Willey’s) is more of a high energy, dance club environment and the Vintage Room is more about good food, hanging out with friends and enjoying a nice glass of wine.”

The Vintage Room offers a large variety of food and drink. Not only does it offer a huge wine and cocktail menu, but the dinner menu is equally as exquisite. With everything from homemade pizza to crab dip to creme brûlée, the Vintage Room prides itself on providing the finest foods to customers.

“We have the largest wine inventory in Morgantown, maybe West Virginia,” Strakal said. “We sell a lot of signature martinis and coconuts. People like our coconut thai shrimp. Pizzas are always a hit. All of our food is made from scratch and homemade from the best products we can get.”

The restaurant is closed Sunday and Monday. On Tuesdays, they offer half-off select appetizers and two-for-one martinis. On Wednesdays, the special is $7 pizzas and half-price wines by the glass. Friday and Saturday have a rotating special that usually includes a chef’s dinner or appetizer of the night and wine specials.

With more than 13 years of business, the Vintage Room is not your average Morgantown restaurant. To stay “in” with the local college students, the restaurant is constantly keeping up with society’s trends and fads. This strategy has allowed the Vintage Room to stay current and keep steady business.

“We update our drink and wine menu a lot of times a year. Our patio will be opened up soon since the weather is about to break,” Strakal said. “We are constantly changing things to keep up with the trends. In five years, we’ll be on the same path we are on now.”

With the sun out and birds chirping, head down to the Vintage Room for a glass of wine and a slice of pizza. As Strakal said, “It’s a great place to hang out and make a great memory.”

The Vintage Room is located at 647 Chestnut Street in Morgantown, West Virginia. For more information, visit