From oil rigs to tumbleweeds, it’s clear to see everything is bigger in Texas, including the drama. “The Real Housewives of Dallas” premiered this week, and viewers got a first glimpse of what it takes to be a Dallas debutante.

With franchises in cities such as Atlanta, New York and Orange County, California, “The Real Housewives” series on Bravo takes viewers into the lives of some of America’s wealthiest and whiniest wives. Tables flip and wigs are pulled in a typical episode, but the Dallas housewives seem to be pulling out the most catty stunts yet.

“The Real Housewives of Dallas” has an impressive five-person cast, with a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, a former carny kid and a housewife who once starred in a softcore porn HBO series. Within the first two episodes of the show, the housewives of Dallas instantly showcase their southern belle ways and their whacky sense of humor. The self-professed “mouth of the South” and former carnival kid, LeeAnne Locken, has made her stance on the show as the queen of the coopkeeping, the pecking order in line; Locken’s role in the charity world has made her the ultimate Southern


Locken’s outlandish catfights against fellow cast members are shockingly harsh, but the Dallas doll has a long way to go to compete with the likes of housewives “villains” such as Lisa Vanderpump and Nene Leakes.

Kicking off the show with juicy drama, Locken and former Cowboys cheerleader, Brandi Redmond, quarrel over Locken’s stiff Southern belle facade and Redmond’s raunchy sense of humor. In the world of galas and charity balls, her sense of humor doesn’t get her far. Lucky for Redmond, her gal pal, housewife Stephanie Hollman, understands the slightly ditzy Dallas debutante’s shortcomings. The two engage in juvenile behavior and laugh at bizarre jokes and riddles. Hoffman, whose husband leaves her chores to complete for her weekly allowance, seems to be the only one who understands, or is at least willing to associate, with


Perhaps the most comical and clever housewife, registered nurse and Dallas doll, Cary Deuber, leaves nothing to the imagination when opening up about her personal life. Originally living on the East Coast, Deuber harassed her plastic surgeon husband until he could no longer refuse to marry her. The nurse and mother swears she will ship her daughter to Switzerland and lives a life full of yoga and her husband’s injectables.

Locken’s sidekick, actress and exotic former model Tiffany Hendra, has already seen time on the big screen. Leaving Texas 15 years ago, Hendra entered the adult film industry in Los Angeles. Using the alias Tiffany Bolton, the actress starred in three separate soft core series before settling down in 2004 with her now-husband ,Aaron. Hendra’s hubby is expected to make many future appearances in the series. Viewers have already caught a glimpse at the two’s rocky relationship Hendra’s husband was caught saying he regretted the couple’s move to Dallas.

These Bravo housewives may live in Dallas, but they don’t resemble stereotypical Texas rodeo queens; rather they don glamorous gowns and heels as high as the rising tension.

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