Imagine, if you will, the classic scene of two dogs from different sides of life nuzzling over a plate of spaghetti while the hearty choruses of “Bella Notte” ring in the background. 

Oliverio’s Ristorante


The front entrance of the Oliverio’s Ristorante located in the Wharf District.

What more of a Valentine’s Day sentiment can you wish to achieve on that oh-so-special date night?

It seems as though many  of you agree that romance pervades an Italian restaurant like marinara does a pizza, as you voted Oliverio’s “Ristorante on the Wharf” as your ideal Valentine’s Day date spot. 

It’s hard to argue against it. No one can deny the allure of a good fettuccine alfredo or a plate laden with rigatoni, covered in a wholesome meat sauce, complemented beautifully by an array of porcini and portobello mushrooms. Oliverio’s has a cozy and inviting atmosphere, lit by candles and twinkling string lights that create a truly romantic vibe that can be felt in the air. If there was a deserving place to take that special someone to on the one day of the year dedicated to couples, it would be Oliverio’s. My tastes may be bizarre, but I recommend the stuffed banana peppers, and if you know nothing of the finer intricacies of wine, tomato-based pastas are best paired with medium-bodied red wines.