The new-to-cable television channel, Viceland, has announced another culinary related show coming soon: "Huang’s World."

"Balls Deep," "F*ck That’s Delicious," "Flophouse," "Gaycation," "Noisey," "States of Undress," "Beyond the Frame," "Vice Guide to Film" and "Weediquette" are Viceland’s already-released shows. Just by reading the titles of the aforementioned list proves how they can represent the nonconformists of television. In addition to the nine shows that are currently airing, the upcoming slate includes "Woman," "Vice World of Sports," "King of the World" and of course the show that this article highlights: "Huang’s World."

Eddie Huang has had an interesting life, as I’m sure anyone who has their own show has. He grew up as somewhat of a troublemaker in Chinatown of Washington, D.C. His Taiwanese-born parents hauled the Huangs to Orlando during Eddie’s youth to immerse themselves in the restaurant industry. The Orlando steakhouse known as Cattleman’s that the family opened some time ago was sold to Hooter’s in 2013. Nevertheless, it’s clear where Huang’s visions are derived from.

Prior to delving into the culinary scene, Huang journeyed through life with many professional experiences beginning with earning his law degree from a college in New York City. After a short-lived career as an attorney, Huang tested the waters as a sneaker sales associate, drug dealer and even started his own clothing brand.

Amidst experiencing both extremes of the career spectrum, Huang hit the jackpot when he and his brother opened BaoHaus in 2009. BaoHouse is located in New York City in a 400 square foot area. The Chinese food shop maintains a minimal menu that features steamed buns and various other Chinese dishes and sodas. BaoHaus is hip-hop friendly, and customers can expect to hear an assortment of rappers, both new and old. Huang even has a Spotify playlist of the 1,149 songs presumably played at BaoHaus.

Huang also wrote a memoir and started a blog, both of which drew success. His creative writing plus BaoHaus propelled him into the limelight of the media. In 2015, Huang’s memoir was converted into a sitcom, titled "Fresh off the Boat," courtesy of ABC. Huang was the host of Cooking Channel’s "Cheap Bites" in 2011 prior to departing to the more lenient Vice.

Huang and Vice teamed up to start a web series a few years ago titled "Fresh off the Boat," but since he sold his memoir along with the naming rights, Huang was forced to brainstorm a new title. This leads us into what is now "Huang’s World." The web series, similar to Action Bronson’s "F*ck That’s Delicious," grew very popular throughout the Internet. It has a similar premise, except Huang isn’t travelling on tour like Bronson. He travels for the culture aspect and obviously the fine dining.

Like most hosts, Huang is an unfiltered entertainer with a presence. In one deleted scene Vice dropped on YouTube, Huang indulges in Sicilian seafood - tuna sperm to get specific. Reminiscent of Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel, Huang gives the world a glimpse of what to expect come late April. The first two seasons take us to the Bay Area, parts of China, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Mongolia and London. The anticipated season three includes adventures to Jamaica, Sicily, Turkey and a homecoming in Taiwan. "Huang’s World" will hit the ground running with its season three premier on April 28 exclusively on Viceland.

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