The WVU Exercise Physiology Club will be hosting its second annual Zombie Run at the Core Arboretum on Saturday.

The Zombie Run will stretch across 2.5 kilometers of trails in the Core Arboretum. “Zombies” will be hiding throughout the course, and runners will be provided with flag football flags that they must keep the zombies from stealing.

Pets are not only allowed, but encouraged, and there will be a best dressed pet contest with a special prize going to the winner.

Lauren Rentz, an officer in the Exercise Physiology Club, started the event last year as a way to support the Core Arboretum while promoting health and physical activity.

“Our club strives to get students involved with the community through a variety of events to not only build on the skills of the students at WVU, but also benefit the community the best we can,” Rentz said.

Rentz said that upkeep of the Core Arboretum is vital as it gives the community a safe and convenient place to exercise outdoors.

Proceeds from last year’s Zombie Run paid for the 5k trail marking signs that are now set up along the Core Arboretum trail. While the club has an idea of what it would like to do with this year’s proceeds, Rentz said it depends on how much money the event actually brings in.

Rentz is optimistic about this year’s Zombie Run as 56 runners participated in last year’s race. As of now, they are expecting around 100 participants in this year’s run and donations have already doubled compared to last year.

Rentz also hopes that the zombie theme will encourage the community to exercise by adding a fun element to it.

“I think novelty and creativity is so important and is a great way to make exercise seem less like exercise,” she said. “A huge barrier people have with physical activity is their mentality; exercise seems boring to a lot of people, and they struggle to make themselves get in their recommended 90 minutes of exercise a few times a week.”

Rentz added that the club is very thankful for the support they have received from the community and local businesses while making this event happen.

Race day registration will begin at 4:30 p.m. with the run starting at 5:30 p.m. Registration for the race is $25 and includes refreshments and a t-shirt.

Participants can preregister for the race by going to https://runsignup.com/Race/WV/Morgantown/zombierun2019.