It’s easy to slip into a routine when being a college student, especially with a set schedule of classes we all follow for an entire semester. Sometimes, we all feel stuck or overwhelmed because of these routines, and it’s difficult to try and find a way to destress during your time at WVU. However, there are so many great places that Morgantown and WVU is home to that can make a student appreciate what this university stands for and what goes on every day around us when we’re all just trying to get to the weekend.

This photo story covers multiple places located on campus grounds and places outside of the University. With these places, students can learn, explore and grow while discovering something new about the University they find themselves in for four or more years. By venturing off into these spots, we can all appreciate this University and state a little bit more and what it has to offer to everyone that comes to Morgantown and WVU.