Earlier this month, WVU announced in a statement that the Sheetz convenience store in University Place will be not be renewing its lease.

With all of the people that this store serves, some students are concerned that food will no longer be as accessible to them.

“There are three dorms, three apartment complexes and multiple houses in this area that use the Sheetz,” said Lyrek Lockley, a second-year forensics student from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Lockley said a lot of people in the Sunnyside area go to that Sheetz, since the only dining hall in the area, the Summit Cafe, closes before some students want to eat.

“The [other] closest Sheetz is the one by Hotel Morgan, and I don’t know who is going to want to walk all the way over there, but I’m not,” Lockley said.

The only other Sheetz store on the Downtown campus is 0.9 miles away from the one closing, which is around a 20-minute walk, according to Google Maps.

“It sucks because now if you want something late at night, we are going to have to walk further and/or waste money on Uber eats,” said Deionte Harrilla, a third-year biology student from Pittsburgh.

Some students, Harrilla included, are looking at the Sheetz closing more optimistically, looking more into what the building space can become.

“I mean, if it has to go then it has to go, but I think that they should turn the space into an updated dining hall for Sunnyside [students] and then turn Summit’s dining hall into a bigger downtown gym or a programming space, like Blue and Gold rooms in Towers,” Harrilla said. “I just hope they make use of the space so that it’s most beneficial to students”

Other suggestions for what can fill the vacancy when the Sheetz leaves include putting in a University-owned convenience store, similar to Lyon’s Den in Lyon Tower or JACs in the Mountainlair, which was replaced by Jazzman’s Coffee earlier this year.

The University has requested additional information and the ability to pursue all options with the developer, according to the statement, sent to the Daily Athenaeum on Friday.The University does not know what prompted the decision to not renew the lease.