Game Day Fireworks

Firework display on 10/1/16. Kansas State 16 - WVU 17 Final.

Joining arms and singing Country Roads after a home victory is one of, if not the best, traditions at WVU.

The feeling of pride from the win, the brotherhood that unites all Mountaineers, and most importantly the appreciation of this beautiful land and all that is a part of it all goes into what is one of the most amazing feelings you could ever have.

And what caps off this magical moment? Of course nothing less than an epic blast of fireworks.

Assistant Academics Director Nathaniel Zinn said WVU uses only close proximity fireworks for these pyrotechnical displays.

Although this is the lone classification, there are many types. These include red, white, and blue streamers for the National Anthem as well as gold and blue crackling type fireworks for whenever WVU score a touchdown.

For more than ten years now WVU has used Starfire, a company that has specialized for over 40 years in creating custom firework designs.

Kim Ceynolles, Starfire spokesperson, said she takes an exceptional pride in the spectacles that Starfire takes part in creating and added that her daughter goes to WVU.

According to Ceynolles, the product of a touchdown and the National Anthem is that they each produce six effects, with an extra barrage being let off after country roads in the event of a win.

She even said that on one occasion they had to strategically rework their fireworks plan due to so many points being scored.

These fireworks are something that brings students a lot of joy on one of the best day to be a Mountaineer.