Many WVU students are looking forward to the approaching St. Patrick’s Day weekend and spring break to celebrate their survival of midterms.

However, waking up with a splitting headache and nauseating stomach pain is not on anyone’s agenda, so how do the Mountaineers combat the symptoms and keep the party going?

“I’ve got this down to a science,” said Tyler Lalka, a sophomore business student. “I get up, go to McDonald’s, get two sausage and egg McMuffins, a large cup of ice water and go to a store and get Gatorade.”

Lalka said his hangovers typically only last an hour or two after finishing his breakfast of champions.

Christiane Messerli, a sophomore biochemistry student, agrees with the greasy food option.

Messerli said “going to Chipotle and eating everything on the menu” is her go-to solution for a nasty hangover.

Messerli also said the closest thing to a hangover remedy is eating and staying hydrated.

Gatorade was another popular choice among students, but for Connor Swann, a senior finance student, Gatorade is not always the key to curing a hangover.

“If it’s a bad enough one, Gatorade isn’t going to help a whole lot,” he said.

It seems the best overall remedy for a hangover is prevention.

“During a period of drinking, I’ll just be mindful of how many drinks I have,” said Ivan Vore, a sophomore biochemistry student. “I also drink [loads] of water.”

In terms of what the worst hangover remedy was, the unanimous answer from WVU students was eating nothing at all.

“Definitely do not do that,” Swann said. “I made that mistake once; definitely won’t do that again.”

Robert Swift, a researcher at the Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Rhode Island and a popular source of hangover research since 1998, said in an article published in the Port City Daily that getting carbohydrates in your system to be important when alcohol potentially lowers blood sugar levels.

With St. Patrick’s Day and all the glorious parties lingering on the minds of many, it is important to remember to stay hydrated and use the hangover excuse to load up on yummy carbs.