summit grab n go

Student Alex Long waits to order a coffee at Summit Grab 'n Go.

Students on the downtown campus may soon have fewer dining options as the Summit Hall Grab ‘n Go is being evaluated for closure.

Summit’s Grab ‘n Go is the dining to-go choice for many dorm students in the Sunnyside area once Summit Cafe closes at night, but the space is being evaluated for other uses, according to Joe Calicchio, director of contract administration for WVU Dining Services.

“What you have to realize is there is to-go now in every dining hall,” Calicchio said. “You come and you want to take it to-go, it has basically hurt the Grab ‘n Go…”

Calicchio said the to-go boxes available at dining halls impact the Grab ‘n Go because students can now get an entire meal to-go instead of just a sandwich, and there’s a possibility of turning the area into additional lounge or study area.

This, however, will leave students to figure out other dining options when Summit Cafe is closed, which may be a struggle for some. 

“Sometimes I have really late classes, so it’s an awkward time between the dining hall closing and the Summit Grab ‘n Go being open,” said Chaney Ganninger, a freshman forensic chemistry student. “It’s awkward in that I can’t necessarily get dinner and get a meal when I need to, and it’s just gonna become a real problem in my schedule.”

Ganninger said she frequently uses the Grab ‘n Go, but it closing would mean she’d have to either change when she eats or she would possibly have to skip the meal that day.

This change also comes after the Sheetz on University Ave. closed in November, which Sunnyside residents often utilized for late-night eating.

“I’m just really bummed out because all of the different food options close to where I live are getting shut down,” Ganninger said. “It’s really disappointing now that the closest place I have is just Summit Dining Hall and there aren’t any options up here anymore.