With Halloween right around the corner, pumpkin picking season is here. Without a lot of options for this festive activity in the Morgantown area, Kenzie Kukla, a senior marketing major, highlights some of the best places.

“I always go pumpkin picking because you get to find some really cool shapes and colors, which you can’t find at the grocery store,” Kukla said.

Most of the patches near Morgantown are small but have ample amounts of pumpkins for picking. Duda’s Farm, located in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, is the biggest pumpkin patch in the area and offers a variety of seasonal fun.

Not only does Duda’s have a sizable pumpkin patch, but they also have a corn maze, slides for children and hayrides. Admission into the farm includes all this, making this location great for families and friend groups.

Another place that's in Morgantown in the Black Cat Pumpkin Patch. Open on the weekends, this patch allows you to buy by the “wagon” or just individual pumpkins.

“This was my favorite patch in Morgantown because the decorations were cute and I found some really good pumpkins for jack o'lanterns here,” Kukla said.

With the Black Cat Pumpkin Patch being here in Morgantown, this is a great option for students looking for something spooky to do on the weekends leading up to Halloween. They also have Halloween-themed mums for decorating needs.

Another place to find pumpkins in Morgantown is the right down the road from the Downtown Campus at the Morgantown Farmers Market. While people can't necessarily pick their own pumpkins, vendors like Mountain Harvest Farm provide pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Located on Spruce Street and run on Saturday mornings, the farmers market is the perfect place for students looking to decorate their dorms or apartments with pumpkins, as they can walk to the market from campus.

It's hard to say exactly why there are so few pumpkin patches near Morgantown, as pumpkins can virtually grow anywhere with proper tending. However, as pumpkin vines need a large space to spread out and grow, the likely reason is that farmers don't have the room and choose to plant other things instead.

Despite the limited options, students can still find Halloween fun in town, as all the places mentioned will be open until Halloween. And pumpkins at the farmers market will continue to be sold through the fall season.