The Grind, a local coffee shop in Morgantown, has reopened its dining room after facing both a car accident and the pandemic.

Like many other businesses in Morgantown, The Grind has faced many hard times during the COVID-19 pandemic, but facing a hit and run in October 2020 did not help the cause.

Kelsey Archer, a barista at The Grind, said that despite the damage, customers were still supportive.

“You’d think it would make things harder, but people were still just as supportive,” Archer said. “A lot of people didn’t even realize we were missing our window.”

Tre Tarantini, a barista at The Grind, said that despite all the hardships they have faced, the local community has helped a lot.

“There is a really big community of people who come and see us anywhere from three times a week to everyday, and pretty much through everything they were super consistent,” Tarantini said. “So, they really helped keep us afloat through all the different times things got tough.”

Archer added that in recent days since reopening the dining room, business has picked up.

“Now, with our dining room being open, our business has definitely picked back up because a lot of times people would come in and see that we don’t have dine in and turn around and leave,” Archer said.

According to Tarantini, at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a change from selling edible goods to selling merchandise.

“A lot of people were supporting us through things like buying our shirts, our mugs or bulk coffee to make at home,” Tarantini said.

Archer said that the closing of the dining room was both hard and a relief for the employees.

“We were affected in the sense that some of us do work for tips, so we weren’t making as much money,” Archer said. “But if anything, it made things a little bit easier on us, in terms of closing and cleaning and things.”

Tarantini, however, said he had to step back for a time due to slow business and the lack of funds to pay employees.

“I kind of volunteered to step back for a couple months because it was so slow here, and it was getting harder to pay employees,” Tarantini said. “We had so many people in, so few hours that no one was really getting enough.”

Tarantini is happy to be back working at The Grind and that everyone there is passionate about coffee and they are happy to help along the way.

“Come by and talk to us, you know this is something that everyone here is passionate about; we all love coffee,” Tarantini said. “It’s a really fun thing to get into, that you can get as much out of it, as you want to put into it.”

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