The video game set in West Virginia, "Fallout 76," will be coming out on Nov. 14.

Back in May, Twitter feeds blew up with talk of the new "Fallout 76" teaser, and for good reason too.

It was later revealed that the game is set in West Virginia, which was evident by the video's theme song of "Country Roads" and several famous landmarks from the mountain state. A trailer that came out later was less than three minutes long, but in that short time, viewers can see the state Capitol, New River Gorge, Camden Park, The Greenbrier Hotel, Moundsville Penitentiary, Harper's Ferry, Hutte Swiss Restaurant and WVU's own Woodburn Hall.

The "Fallout" game series began in 1997 and has had four games come out since. It also has several spin-off games, including the new "Fallout 76". All of the games have been set in the 22nd and 23rd centuries in the aftermath of a nuclear fallout. The original game is set in California and follows a protagonist known as the "Vault Dweller" on a mission to recover a water chip in the underground shelter known as Vault 13. Similarly, there is a vault in the new game known as Vault 76.

It is suspected that a major deciding factor to set the game in West Virginia came from the discovery of the secret bunker located at The Greenbrier Hotel; this was built in case there was ever a nuclear attack on Washington D.C.

The new spin-off is a prequel to the original games and involves an interesting spin from any of the other games. Each game involves the vaults, but Vault 76 is believed to be a "control vault" near the Washington D.C. area. The other vaults in previous games were supposedly performing experiments on their inhabitants.

Many characters in the new game are based on West Virginia folklore. "Fallout 76" is also the first time that the game series has ever featured a multiplayer mode. The game will be available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC