dark chocolate

Dark chocolate, a Valentine's Day favorite, is often used as an aphrodisiac. 

Aphrodisiacs are foods, drugs or other substances that arouse sexual behavior.

No. 1: Hot Chilies

Some people already use the word “spicy” to describe sultry moments of intimacy, but hot chilies take that meaning to the next level. Not only have hot chilies been reported to release adrenaline, raise your heart rate and increase endorphins, these spicy peppers really give you a kick. I consider myself a lover of the spice, so I definitely wouldn’t mind adding these to my plate before a night on the town. Try not to just take a bite, though; hot peppers can turn from sexy to painful in an instant.

No. 2: Avocado

Given that the word avocado stems from the Aztec “ahuacatl” meaning “testicle,”it isn’t hard to make the leap from trendy food to aphrodisiac. Whether you get the testosterone-producing, energy-providing superfood through guacamole or on a sandwich, avocado supposedly keeps you going in the sack longer, pun intended. I’m a big supporter of the avocado. I live by the philosophy that even if this magical testicle fruit doesn’t provide the benefit described, no honey can resist a person who takes care of their body by eating avocado.

No. 3: Pomegranate

I have to preface this by admitting that pomegranates are absolutely my favorite fruit. Not only are they crazy-looking, and somewhat sexual I might add, but they actually have been said to improve blood flow. These fruits cost a little more and can be quite tricky to open but the ruby red seeds are a treasure that is worth the effort. Stained red lips and the sour aftertaste of pomegranate are sure to get your juices flowing. They also act as an apparent natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, so why not go organic if you know what I mean.

No. 4: Dark Chocolate

I’m going to get a lot of heat for this, but I’m not a huge chocolate fan. I wouldn’t mind reaping the benefits of dark chocolate, though. Chocolate contains a stimulant called phenylethylamine, which causes feelings of well-being and arousal. Perhaps that is why we whip out the boxes of this stuff during Valentine’s Day. Dark chocolate in particular benefits heart health and provides a bigger kick of caffeine, which is a welcome chemical when enjoying a special kind of afternoon delight. Perhaps the move this Friday is to really fall in love with the cocoa. I’m killing it, aren’t I?

No. 5 Oysters

When I thought about the word aphrodisiac, oysters immediately come to mind for some reason. I’m not one to enjoy this delicacy, but living about an hour from the Maryland coast, I can’t say that a certain dish of oysters Rockefeller hasn’t been consumed a few times. The two biggest contributors to the aphrodisiac status of the oyster is zinc and dopamine, which increase desire, as well as testosterone and sperm production. I’ve always imagined a scenario where before doing the devil’s dance, you’d take a gulp of an oyster and quickly become like Popeye with a can of spinach. Whether or not the oyster will help you in the bedroom, it will still remain an expensive and delicious cuisine for many.