Oliverio's by the waterfront in Morgantown on February 9, 2021

Valentine’s Day does not have as much love in the air compared to past years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for West Virginia University students, this means they have to get creative.

Natalie Stine, a sophomore biomedical engineering student, said that her and her significant other will be staying in instead of going out in order to be cautious.

“It’s probably going to be difficult to find a spot at the restaurants because they probably have limited seating anyways,” Stine said. “So, this year we’re just going to stay in.”

Stine also said that since they are not going out for Valentine’s Day, they have gotten creative for what they are planning to do for the day.

“I have this little thing planned; we're going to go get strawberries and animal crackers, and just do chocolate covered strawberries and animal crackers.”

Kylea Miller, a sophomore English student, will also be staying in for Valentine’s Day with her significant other, just like Stine.

“We won’t be going out,” Miller said. “We sort of already had dinner together, he made dinner the other night, because we both work on Valentine’s Day.”

Miller also added that COVID-19 hasn’t only affected their Valentine’s Day but also their overall experience as a couple. She said that they have not been able to do things couples usually do due to COVID-19.

“Our relationship started in COVID times; there’s been stuff that we haven’t done that people would usually do,” Miller said. “Like, we’ve never been to the movie theatre because of COVID.”

So, for some, the best choice this year is just to stay at their own homes and make their own plans.

However, for those looking to go out, there are Morgantown businesses with precautions in place to make Valentine’s Day a safe holiday to celebrate.

Some of Morgantown’s hot date spots have already had COVID-19 precautions set in place to protect their customers.

Popular places like Oliverio’s, located at 52 Clay Street, have altered some of their services due to COVID-19 but also serve curbside. 

In addition to restaurants, there are places that are date-friendly that have COVID-19 guidelines in place.

Suburban Lanes, a bowling center in Morgantown, requires masks and allows five people per lane. Masks are only allowed to be taken off if you are eating.

This year’s Valentine’s Day looks very different compared to past years when single and couples students could go to parties and other events, but WVU students are still managing to make the most of a less than romantic year.