Aristotle Jones

Up and coming West Virginia soul artist, Aristotle Jones.

Up and coming West Virginia soul artist Aristotle Jones hosted his inaugural “Sounds Good to Me” festival this past Saturday at Palatine Park in Fairmont, West Virginia to promote his two new singles and was met with a very successful turnout.

Jones headlined the event while singing his two new songs “Get What You Give” and “Count On Me” after featuring other young Appalachian singers and songwriters from the area trying to catch their break.

“The turnout was fantastic, the crowd was super receptive and there were about 300-500 people there, which on a WVU game day was great to see; we’re already working on setting a date for next year's “Sound Good to Me” festival which I’m sure we’ll try and plan on a different day than a WVU home game next year,” Jones said.

Jones also provided insight about the message and focus of his two new singles and why they personally mean a lot to him and families that grew up with similar struggles as his.

“My story is a story all about Black love in rural Appalachia, so in these songs, I really tried to show that,” he said. “These songs are very much love songs that also focus on my grandparents, my great grandparents and my mom and dad meeting and show how you can find love through the struggle of coming through something as hard as segregation and in general committed deep love in the midst of trials and tribulations.”

Jones plans to spend the next year performing all around his home state of West Virginia as well as making trips to places such as South Carolina and Maryland.

“It’s amazing to see the support we’re getting, we used to do a lot of cover songs but now we’re doing more of our own music and people are coming and singing along so it’s great to see,” Jones said. “It’s really just a privilege to travel around the country when I tour and tell people about Appalachia.”

“Count On Me” and “Get What You Give” are both set to release September 17th and will be available to listen to on Jones’ website as well as select music streaming platforms.

Dates for any of his upcoming shows as well as any other news surrounding the Appalachian Soul Man are also available on Jones’ website.