Mountie Bounty is a pretty convenient function of our student IDs here at WVU. There are a number of places both on campus and around town that accept it as payment, and not having to carry cash or worry about using one’s debit card can be a real weight off of students’ shoulders. 

In fact, there may be so many options out there for where you can use your bounty it may be hard to decide sometimes. Going off reviews of places on Google, however, can create a clearer picture of where your Mountie Bounty can be best spent. 

Using Google ratings, places can be grouped into three categories; bad, good and great. Bad are scores under four stars, good are scores of four to four and a half stars and great is anything more than four and a half stars.

This list is made up of all the restaurants where bounty can be used, so stores like CVS and Par Mar were not included. For places with multiple locations like McDonald’s and Sheetz, the average score among the locations was used. The list of businesses that accept Mountie Bounty is found on The reviews and ratings are of March 6 at 7:45 p.m. and each business must have had a minimum of 50 reviews to qualify.

Group 1: Bad

There’s nothing really surprising in this group, mainly chain restaurants and fast food joints—places you would not really mind eating at, but nothing you would go out of your way to get.

17. Sheetz - 4H Camp Road, University Place, University Ave. - 3.2 average stars

16. McDonald’s - University Ave., Suncrest Towne Center - 3.55 average stars

15. Pizza Hut - Patteson Drive - 3.6 stars

14. Burger King - Patteson Drive - 3.7 stars

13. Buffalo Wild Wings - Suncrest Towne Center - 3.9 stars

Group 2: Good

A few chain restaurants find their way into this group, but for the most part, these are places where you can get food that you will legitimately enjoy. These are places that you go if you were in the mood for, but not necessarily anywhere that you would take friends or family when they visit.

T-11. Taco Bell - Patteson Drive - 4 stars

T-11. D. P. Dough - High Street - 4 stars

10. IHOP - University Park - 4.1 stars

9. Panera Bread - Willey Street, Patteson Drive - 4.15 average stars

8. Fox’s Pizza Den - University Ave. - 4.2 stars

7. Chaang Tai - High Street - 4.3 stars

T-5. Qdoba - Patteson Drive - 4.4 stars

T-5. Oryza Asian Grill - Donahue Drive - 4.4 stars

Group 3: Great

Now we get into the good stuff. These are the places that you hear talked about the most, and for good reason. If you are looking for something to eat and you want to use Mountie Bounty, these are places that should come to your mind first. 

T-3. Terra Cafe - Star City - 4.5 stars

T-3. Lotsa Motsa - High Street - 4.5 stars

2. The Grind - Willey Street - 4.6 stars

Krizia Berg, 5-star Google review, “The best coffee shop near campus! I can’t speak for the espresso drinks, but they use high-quality beans from an independent roaster for their drip coffee and it’s fantastic. $2.50 for a 16oz! Starbucks is more expensive and lower quality! The atmosphere is also super chill and there’s plenty of space to sit. I highly recommend this shop ”

1. The Greeks - Beechurst Ave. - 4.8 stars

Kirsten Giaccci, 5-star Google review: “This place is authentic. Seriously delicious and friendly staff. The greek fries are legit. Extra feta with a garlic oil drizzle. The chicken was cooked perfectly. The falafel had a great flavor, too. The small portion sizes could be shared between two people! I recommend and will return.”