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Cathy Yura has worked as a psychologist at WVU for 37 years and during that time, she’s helped create the WVU Collegiate Recovery Program and WellWVU.

Yura got her master’s and doctorate degree from WVU and completed her graduate work at the Carruth Center, which at the time was a counseling center.

“I got to meet some incredible young people and I feel that this developmental stage in life is where you can really help someone get a grip on what they want to do with their life and overcome some obstacles,” Yura said.

WellWVU, started in 2009, is a program that helps students with many different things including alcohol and drug prevention, sexual health, stress management, nutrition, sleep and exercise.

“During my era, Adventure West Virginia, the Rec Center and many other wellness activities occurred here on campus and I always embraced that and knew that if people had a good life style that they could overcome a lot,” Yura said.

Yura was interested in getting involved with Collegiate Recovery so she could help students maneuver the atmosphere that has been set here at WVU and so individuals can come and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, have good friends, enjoy their community and succeed in school.

“I always knew that when someone left my office, and maybe they were struggling with using alcohol or some other drug or if they had a roommate who struggled with these things, that it was really hard for them to go back to their apartment or dorm room,” Yura said.

Yura said the Collegiate Recovery program is thriving and all these programs are helping students find ways and activities to destress.

“I have had enormous support from our leadership team and I know, as well as President Gee, students come first, and we have always said students come first,” Yura said.