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WVU has selected Amelia Smith Rinehart to serve as dean of the WVU College of Law beginning June 30, according to a press release from WVUToday.

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This week, host Lindsey McNamee takes a look at the evolving situation at Diamond Village, the University’s decision to move classes online for the 2 days before break, voluntary COVID testing for students and another look at the Spring semester. For more on these stories and more, visit the…

This week, podcast host Sydney Wentz discusses the new Black Lives Matter crosswalk, another closure of an on-campus eatery, WVU’s football win and the current state of the pandemic in Morgantown. For more on these stories and more, visit thedaonline.com. You can listen to Monday in Morganto…

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While one WVU professor believes that the semester has been more effective than expected, there are still hurdles to jump through to connect with students and keep them engaged.

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Over the fall semester, the campus community of West Virginia University has seen a dance between the school’s public health messaging, the actions of the student population and the spread of COVID-19. This week has been the latest chapter of this saga as coronavirus cases multiply nationwid…

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This week, Podcast Editor Abby Smith discusses the election, football, a new program offering on-campus and WVU’s announcement about Spring 2021 move-in. For more on these stories and more, visit thedaonline.com. You can listen to Monday in Morgantown at thedaonline.com/monday_in_morgantown …

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With classes primarily held online and many students required to share their screen, there are some things that you wouldn’t think needed to be reminded to college students. But here we are, almost at the end of the semester, and it seems like students are forgetting basic manners.


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