Students take advantage of the new convenient location of printers in the dorms.

All West Virginia University students now have web-based printing capabilities at new, convenient locations thanks to the work of Hayley Harman, a governor of Student Government Association and a junior biology, psychology and Spanish student.

“It is a web-based printing service that works with our Student IDs, or ‘Mountaineer Cards’ as they’re officially called. Just like we have added funds to our IDs in the past to use for laundry in the dorms or getting a snack at J.A.C.S. or Barnes & Noble, now we can use Mountie Bounty to print documents wirelessly at different locations across campus,” Harman said.

Students can access the service by logging into with a WVU e-mail account and a Mountie Bounty balance on their Mountaineer Card. Then, from any location with Internet connection, students can send or upload documents to their WVU printing queues and swipe their Mountaineer Cards at the printer.

“Before MyPrinting, students could print documents in the Downtown or Evansdale libraries, or in the Mountainlair copy center or on the computers by PNC, but you had to log on to a physical computer provided at one of those locations,” Harman said. “I knew firsthand as a resident and then a resident assistant in the Honors Hall, how aggravating it was when I needed to print a worksheet or a report for class, when my printer was out of ink or otherwise broken.”

MyPrinting services can be found in residence halls (Summit Hall, Arnold Hall and Towers), class buildings (Health Sciences Center, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design and the Reed College of Media) and the Downtown Wise Library.

“These services are available to everyone—you don’t have to live in the residence halls,” Harman said. “The service is compatable with desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. If you can access the Internet, you can pretty much get your documents where they need to go so you can print them easily and efficiently.”

Harman does not plan to stop now that she has achieved one of her goals in her first year on SGA’s Board of Governors.

“Printing stations were my main focus for my Campus Convenience platform and I am overjoyed to see it fulfilled,” she said. “I am currently doing research on the effectiveness of the campus tobacco ban and possible reformations for its implementation as well as better notification for parking availability in the Mountainlair garage.”

While she works on her future SGA projects, Harman is glad students no longer have to rely on printers in minimal locations far from their classes or residence halls.

“I am happy that this simple day-to-day printing need has been made more convenient for the WVU community. Being a student is stressful enough, so anything to waste less time on small tasks and get back to what’s important is a win in my book,” said Harman. “I hope everyone that hears about this new service tells everyone they know so more students are aware of and have access to convenient printing.”