The West Virginia University College of Law will host an open house event for all prospective law students tomorrow.

The event, called Experience WVU Law Day, will be held at the College of Law’s campus. It will be begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. and end around 1:00 p.m.

The agenda for the day includes presentations about the admissions process, the academic atmosphere and student life. Participants can choose to sit in on a law school Torts 1 class. Participants can also receive a tour of the facility and talk to professors and law students.

“Experience WVU Law Day is supposed to give you a glimpse into the law school experience. We tried to provide sessions for those just thinking about law school and for those that are ready to apply,” said Tina Jernigan, director of admissions for the College of Law. “If they have questions about the admissions process, they can ask them at the event. It gives these students a feel for WVU law school.”

At the event, Gregory Bowman, the interim dean and professor of law at the College of Law, will welcome all participants. Following the welcome, participants can choose between three concurrent sessions about applying to law school or what it is like to be a student.

Jernigan will speak about the application process and how to apply for law school. The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, John Taylor, will speak about academic programs and offerings, and the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Janet Armistead, will speak about student life.

Among the sessions that are designed to help prospective law students, participants are also able to sit in on a first-year law school student class. It will not be a mock class, so participants can receive a realistic perspective of an authentic law school class.

Tours will also be given of the law school facilities, where participants can ask questions and engage with their guide one-on-one.

Online registration for the event is now closed, but continues to remain open via phone.

“Right now, we have participants who are ranging from age 18, so college freshmen, all the way to age 64, people who are looking at second careers,” Jernigan said.

The staff at the WVU College of Law is thrilled to put on this event for the first time.

“Our area of expertise is individual visits; we love to give students whatever they want and a day focused on them,” Jernigan said. “But we also know that not everyone wants that and instead wants an overall view. We planned this day for anyone.”

It is not a coincidence that the event was planned in conjunction with West Virginia University’s Homecoming Weekend.

“It is hard to beat Homecoming at WVU. If alumni are in town, they can bring their kids up and visit the law school,” Jernigan said.

The environment that participants will experience Friday will be entirely with their interests in mind.

“It gives students a relaxed environment for them to get a lot of information and make it easier for them to get that,” Jernigan said. “We’re here to help and assist them through this process. This is a great place to begin their career.”

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