After being suspended from the West Virginia University campus for a hazing incident, Phi Gamma Delta has been reinstated as of the 2014 spring semester.

The fraternity’s charter was suspended indefinitely by Phi Gamma Delta headquarters, who then decided the suspension would last one year.

Dennis Mcnamara, president of WVU’s Phi Gamma Delta chapter and a sophomore finance student, said he’s grateful to have his fraternity back on campus.

“We were presented with a rare opportunity to build ourselves back up and start with a clean slate,” Mcnamara said. “We are looking to have a positive name on campus when speaking of FIJI.”

The members who were involved with the hazing scandal in 2012 are no longer a part of the organization. Mcnamara said the members either graduated or the University punished them accordingly.

In West Virginia, hazing is considered a felony, and the University takes hazing seriously.

“As a fraternity, we understand the harms of hazing and its seriousness,” Mcnamara said. “We do not condone it.”

Mcnamara said he hopes Phi Gamma Delta can put the incident behind them and move on.

“We look forward to this opportunity to show that our fraternity can grow and be productive while not having hazing be a part of our organization,” he said.

The fraternity took a new pledge class this semester and is working to make the experience positive.

“We understand this is a privilege, not a right,” Mcnamara said. “We are now doing our best to move on and take steps forward in becoming one of WVU’s best fraternities on campus.”

The fraternity will move back into its house in fall 2014, as another on-campus fraternity currently resides in the house.

Brian Beal, treasurer of Phi Gamma Delta and a junior finance student, said he’s excited to reclaim ownership of the house.

“We’re all very excited about it. Having a house is important for any fraternity, so we’re all really happy that we’ll be able to move back in next semester,” he said.

Beal said the University has helped them tremendously in their efforts to reinstate their chapter on campus.

“We want to thank the University for its support in our goal to come back and making that goal a reality,” he said.

Beal said he’s eager to participate in philanthropies and community service again with his brothers.

“Other Greek organizations on campus are happy to see us returning, as is the FIJI National Headquarters,” Beal said. “I’m excited for the opportunity we have been given by Nationals and the University to come back and do our part to improve Greek life and the community.”