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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty and anxiety are present in our everyday lives. This has led to the fabrication of many lies and half-truths surrounding public health approaches.

As West Virginia experiences the fastest acceleration of new COVID-19 cases in the nation, faculty and students at WVU are pushing administrators to mandate vaccinations.

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While hundreds of universities around the country are requiring students and employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, President Gordon Gee said getting people vaccinated is a matter of common sense, not of force.

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After WVU decided not to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine following full approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the Food and Drug Administration this week, the Faculty Senate has called a special meeting of all faculty to vote on a resolution in support of mandatory vaccinations.

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As its own hospital system and hundreds of universities around the country require students and staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19, West Virginia University stopped short of requiring vaccination Monday, saying in a statement that it will continue to “strongly encourage” people to get …

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West Virginia University’s vaccine verification system launched just under two months ago and continues to fall short of its 70% goal. For the past several weeks, the University has witnessed a significant slow down in vaccine verification rates.


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