A total of 472 WVU students are currently in quarantine, according to an article from WVUToday.

According to the article, 123 of the students are quarantining on-campus, 331 off-campus and 18 have returned home. 

A total of 140 students are in isolation. Fifteen are isolating on-campus, 108 off-campus and 17 at home outside of Morgantown.

As WVU transitions into surveillance testing, additional information regarding COVID-19 testing will be available to the campus community and surrounding area.

According to WVUToday, numbers of students in quarantine or isolation will soon be available through the WVU COVID-19 dashboard.

The University's testing strategy now focuses on symptomatic individuals such as those living in dorms, participating in athletics and those involved in performing arts.

This shift in testing was expected to cause an increase in cases as the University is targeting those who have symptoms or may be at higher risk of contracting coronavirus.

"Our testing is becoming much more focused on potential high-risk groups and individuals on campus as well continuing to identify any cluster outbreaks," said Jeffrey Coben, associate vice president of health affairs and dean of the School of Public Health. "We are also receiving self-reported cases from those who have tested positive through off-campus mechanisms such as urgent care clinics and primary care providers." 

WVU's Beckley or Keyser campuses have not reported any new cases.

Correction: An earlier issue of this article noted that all 472 students had tested positive for COVID-19. That is incorrect, and the error has been fixed. Additionally, wording has been adjusted to clarify the amount of students in each category.