The Huntington Community Pool located at the Aquatic Center at Mylan Park.

The Huntington Community Pool located at the Aquatic Center at Mylan Park. 

The Aquatic Center at Mylan Park reopened at the beginning of June, with 500 visitors coming to either swim or run this past weekend.

“This provides families the opportunity to come and recreate, and therefore do something more active outside the house,” said Jennifer Lainhart, director of aquatics and track.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adjustments have been made to create a safer environment for visitors. In addition to being asked to follow social distancing guidelines, visitors also have a social contract, which is available at the door and on the Mylan Park website. The contract provides detailed information about changes, such as asking visitors to wear a mask while in the facility. 

The center has also extended its hours, encouraging people to spread out and keep a safe distance from one another.

Lainhart said the center hasn’t run into any issues so far.

“If people have been affected by it or have family members that may be affected by it, they’re taking their own precautions, which is good and self-regulating,” Lainhart said.

Other tweaks include no seating and member-only swim hours. Lainhart believes this would be a quiet time to come to the facility if members are worried about being around a large crowd of people.

“Our hope is that this will allow our members to come at times which is not as heavily used,” said Lainhart.

Not only have students and families attended the facility since its reopening, but also several swim teams.

“We have a swim team that utilizes our pool pretty regularly and if you know anything about swim athletes, they need to continue to work out otherwise they lose that muscle memory.”

The center is offering a variety of membership deals encouraging people to come through the doors. Currently, a full-year membership is 30% off, while summer memberships run through September and are still available.

“The summer only option is a good option because it’s only $100 for the summer,” said Lainhart.

Moving forward, the center is also seeking to add more opportunities and activities for visitors.

“We’re looking at hosting some movie nights in the summer as well,” said Lainhart.

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