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Screenshots from Justin Robinson's TikToks.

The saga involving a clout-chasing TikTok user, a Florida-based filmmaker and West Virginia University administrators appears to come to a close.

Was it worth it Justin?

“I just wanted to let everyone know this was a joke that has gone wrong,” wrote Justin Robinson in a post to the TikTok account @justinrobin22 on Thursday. “I didn’t have COVID and didn’t mean to offend anybody.”

Robinson gained notoriety after posting an original video of himself at the West Virginia football game against Virginia Tech last month with the caption: “Is it to[o] late to tell everyone I got COVID two days ago[.]”

The video showed him standing maskless in the crowded stands with his shirt off.

In the follow up video, Robinson showed paperwork from a negative COVID test result from two days after the football game.

“I have a test from the 20th stating that I was negative,” he wrote. “I am very sorry to those of you that I have offended.”

The original video really took off after it was stitched by a Florida-based filmmaker named Michael who goes by the username TizzyEnt.

“Well yeah Justin it is, it is too late,” he said in the video. “It’s too late to do the right thing which is not go to an event where there are thousands of people when you know you have COVID and you’re taking zero precautions.

“It’s too late to do the smart thing and not advertise to the world that you went to that event while being COVID positive.”

Robinson, the person in the stands, is not a WVU student, said University spokesperson April Kaull in an email earlier this week.

She said the University was working closely with the athletics department.

Michael Fragale, athletics department spokesperson, said in an email that he cannot discuss specific cases and didn't mention what repercussions there might be for Justin. He did share language from the back of a WVU ticket.

"WVU may revoke the license, eject or refuse entry to [the ticket] holder, and/or take further action for failure to comply with the terms and conditions, WVU or venue policies and procedures, illegal activity, or to refuse entry or eject [ticket] holders that have come in contact with or test positive for COVID-19 or is otherwise suspected to have been infected," the back of the WVU ticket states.