The Student Rec Center has decided to continue daily group exercise classes outside despite many in-person courses and activities being moved to a virtual platform.

“These classes are especially important during this pandemic because many people have become less active after strict quarantine for the past few months,” said Jordan Lofton, a senior Chinese studies student and Zumba instructor.

Lofton said that he was initially surprised that they were still planning on having in-person group exercises until he attended the training session for the modified classes.

“I believe it’s a great solution for social distancing, and having the classes outside is also free advertising,” Lofton said. “However, it brings along its own set of challenges such as the speaker system breaking and the distractions from outsiders.”

Some of the classes currently offered include Yoga, Body Flow, Cycling, F45, Zumba, Hip Hop and more.

All participants and instructors are required to wear masks during the workouts and although this semester of group exercises may look different, Lofton said the quality of the sessions are just as good.

“Having a group of people come together to encourage each other and just have a good time working out helps take your mind off the hard work you are actually putting in,” said Lofton.

Jenna Ritzert, a freshman forensic examiner student, said the first class she attended was Body Pump.

“I still enjoyed the class even though we wore masks,” Ritzert said. “Since it was cool outside it wasn’t too bad.”

Ritzert said that the convenient location of the outdoor workouts motivates her to attend different classes.

The outdoor exercises are free to attend and are run at a minimum capacity of two. Online registration is required to help with contact tracing as well as ensuring that the class does not exceed the participant limit.

Students can register the day before or on the day of the scheduled class through the WVUGo app or online at