Tin 202 is located at 202 High Street in Morgantown.

Tin 202 is located at 202 High Street in Morgantown.

Downtown Morgantown restaurants have had to find practical ways to keep their customers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Tin 202 is no exception.

With help from Mills Group Architecture, Central Supply and founder of New South Media Nikki Bowman, Tin 202 is now the first restaurant in Morgantown that can serve food and drink outdoors. 

“Right now, downtown, you can put tables out to eat, but we’re the only place ever in Morgantown to be allowed to serve food and drinks outside,” said Chris Evans, co-owner of Tin 202. “This is something that we've talked about for years; thankfully everyone that needed to say yes said yes and we’ve been completely full.”

Evans explained that the ability to seat customers outside has made Tin 202 unique compared to other places in Morgantown. 

“It’s great and has a very metropolitan feel for Morgantown,” Evans said. “The feedback has been outstanding.”

Despite the challenges local businesses have had to face through the pandemic, Evans said the positive effects that a thriving local business can have during this time are clear.

“It’s a big change for our customers and our staff morale-wise and financially,” Evans said. “This is stuff that has been happening in other cities, and we hope to see more of it on High Street and throughout the state of West Virginia.”

As for whether or not Tin 202’s will be able to continue offering outdoor seating in the future is unclear. The permit they received from the city allows for usage of those features until the end of August.

“We’re thankful for the permit, and we know that it ends on the last day of August, so for now we’re going to use it,” Evans said.

Evans hopes to see other businesses in Morgantown follow suit and expand their horizons in the future.

“We hope to see the city accept more outdoor seating and similar changes to ours,” Evans said. “All our guests have said that it’s enjoyable and almost feels like being somewhere bigger than Morgantown.”