Woodburn and circle (general)

Students walk on the downtown campus of West Virginia University with Woodburn in the background on a fall day in Morgantown. (WVU Photo/Geoff Coyle)

The WVU spring 2021 academic calendar has been updated to include two additional days of no classroom instruction or exams, according to a WVU MIX email.

The first non-instructional day will be held on Mar. 2, and a final exam "prep day" will be held on May 3. Final exams will be held May 4-8.

This change was made following a request from the WVU Student Government Association and consultation with the Faculty Senate leaderships, academic deans, Office of the University Registrar and the Office of the Provost.

The legislation was initially created by SGA senator Arpan Kumar with the help of other members. He said during the fall semester, he noticed students were feeling drained from the lack of time off provided due to COVID-19. 

The initial step for Kumar was to release a survey on social media, asking students to respond with how their mental health was impacted during the fall semester. After receiving 150 responses, he was able to present his results to the University.

Kumar said the results of the survey showed most students would have liked to have three to five additional non-instructional days. Although only two days were granted, he said this was the first step in creating a dialogue between the University and student voices. 

"To me, this is not just the end all solution to everything going on right now," he said. "This is just the first step in a much longer conversation about mental health on campus."

These changes apply to all WVU campuses, except for some Health Sciences programs and professional programs with clinical rotation requirements, accreditation standards or other concerns.