With everyone socially distancing away from campus, we wanted to find out how everyone is keeping away cabin fever. Here's a few of our favorites so far. 

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Quarantine photos

editor's pick

People are doing their best to fight off cabin fever, like these WVU students in this photo. 

Tara Ronaghi is in Morgnatown keeping busy by doing chalk designs on her balcony.

Tristan Haley is in Granville, OH. He says he's losing at ping pong. 

editor's pick

President E. Gordon Gee is says his selfies aren't the same without his students. "I am thinking of you today, and every day, as we each do ou…

DA managing editor Hannah Williams is I’m spending quality time with her little sisters. (Yes, that’s brownie on her face)

Nicolas Uribe is a WVU student quarantined in Columbia. He's keeping busy by reading, exercising, watching movies with his family, sometimes c…

Tristan Haley of Granville, OH has been making cards for people who are stuck in nursing homes.

Caitlin Slone has been doing some awesome coloring to keep busy. 

WVU's Whitney Godwin has spent her time on Zoom and relaxing with a good cup of coffee. 

Nelson Rekos is on Morgantown. He's using his new found time to do some beekeeping. He has nearly 15 gallons of Fall honey to harvest.

WVU student Donna Lonergan is stuck in PA. "I have been working on moving back in and other various organizational projects around the home, i…

Caitlin Slone has been taking her puppy on walks to keep herself sane.

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