Isolation data

Isolation data as of mid-September.


The number of people in isolation due to COVID-19 at West Virginia University is at the lowest point in over a month.

There are 77 people in isolation as of Sept. 28, according to statistics shared by the University this week.

People are likely in isolation due to positive COVID-19 test result.

The last time the number of people in isolation was below 80 over a month ago on Aug. 24. At that point, 74 people were in isolation.

The number of people in isolation at WVU peaked in early September at 176.

Around that time, Gaskins House, where students who live in a residence hall are sent to isolate, was at 60% capacity.

People who live off-campus or in University Apartments isolate at their own residence.

79% of WVU students are vaccinated and 75% of faculty and staff.