Halloween Skeletons on a front porch in Morgantown

Halloween Skeletons on a front porch in Morgantown

Halloween weekend and the past month in Morgantown have been relatively uneventful in terms of gatherings, according to both the University Police Department and the Morgantown Police Department. 

“I think as a whole, everybody did a pretty good job,” said UPD Chief W.P. Chedester. “We weren’t terribly busy or anything like that and the football game Saturday went really well.”

According to the UPD’s crime log, there were four citations that fell under the category for either “party/gathering” or “loud party” from Oct. 29 through 31. 

Chedester said since students were brought back on campus, the response has been positive as well and many have followed the guidelines when it comes to wearing a mask and socially distancing. 

From Sept. 26, the weekend before the start of in-person courses began again, through Oct. 31, there have been a total of 24 citations for “party/gathering” or “loud party,” according to the crime log. 

“We do get a call here and there about gatherings and stuff, but we really haven’t had any issues with, once we show up, people abiding by the rules,” Chedester said.  

When it comes to the criticism fraternities and sororities have faced this semester, the UPD has been working to reach out and communicate with the students and some of those groups to prevent incidents from occurring, said Chedester. 

“The biggest thing I can say is do you part to be safe and take care of one another,” Chedester said. “We are always here too. University Police are always here for students any time they need anything. I always tell everybody, if you see the Mountaineer on the badge, come up and talk to us.”

Chedester also encourages students to download the LiveSafe app, which allows for two-way communication with WVU police through text, audio, picture and video. 

When it came to the surrounding area, Morgantown Interim Police Chief Eric Powell was also pleased with the events of Halloween weekend. 

“We still answered about nine calls about party complaints. None of those calls really resulted in any citations,” Powell said. “We had about four or five underage possession citations written over the weekend. Comparatively speaking, I think it went really well.”

Powell said that he also believed that campus and community conduct has been good ever since students were brought back on campus at the end of September.

“Initially, obviously we had some calls, but I think everybody has been complying pretty well for the most part,” said Powell. “I haven’t had any reports come my way of any places that are problem areas. We are still responding to these loud parties and gatherings, but usually officers just give verbal warnings and then that takes care of things” 

Like Chedester, Powell also wants people to keep safety in mind over the coming weeks. 

“Follow the guidelines and hopefully we can put an end to this sooner rather than later,” Powell said. “I think if everyone continues to do what they are doing, I think it will have a positive outcome in the end.”