This year’s Welcome Week crime rate declined by 45 percent from last year, according to the West Virginia University Police Department.

From Aug. 15-25, the main crimes committed were alcohol offenses and traffic non-DUI offenses.

There were 32 alcohol offenses this year, which was a reduction of 30 from last year and 40 traffic non-DUI offenses, which was a reduction of 63 from last year.

“Last year we had 198 incidents, which ranged from alcohol, to larceny, to noise complaints,” said W.P. Chedester, WVU chief of police. “This year we only had 108.”

Other crimes committed during this year’s Welcome Week included one drug offense, a reduction of seven from last year, one DUI offense, 19 nuissance crimes, which was up by 14 from last year, four larceny crimes, one aggravated assault crime and two violent crimes of non-aggravated assault.

Morgantown also experienced a decline of crime during Welcome Week, with 150 citations made, which was a reduction of 29 from 2018, according to the Morgantown Police Department.

Twenty-six individuals were arrested for different criminal offenses including DUI charges, disorderly conduct, obstructing officers, damage to property, public intoxication and underage possession.

About 100 criminal citations were made for underage possession of alcohol, 27 citations for open container and three citations for disorderly conduct, according to a Morgantown news release.

Chedester said he believed the lower crime rate during this year’s Welcome Week could be attributed to a few different factors.

“I think a lot of it has to do with [the] presence of the police department, [and] interaction with the community,” he said. “We were out pretty heavy with the presence of us and the Morgantown City Police, so I think that combination of a few things had made a difference.”

He said students were more responsible during this year’s Welcome Week, which also contributed to the decrease in incidents.

If you see a crime on campus, contact WVU Police at 304-293-COPS or download the LiveSafe app for direct communication with WVU Police using text, picture, video and audio.