Morgantown Police Department Sign

A sign inside of the Morgantown Police Department on September 16, 2020.

West Virginia University Police issued a warning about the potential circulation of fake pills containing fentanyl after a recent drug incident.

Police arrested an individual off campus after the Mon Metro Drug Task Force found roughly 3,000 counterfeit pills labeled Xanax. According to UPD, testing revealed that the confiscated pills contained fentanyl.

Other universities have faced similar incidents involving fake pills containing fentanyl. Police at Ohio State University warned members of its community this past week after two students died after apparent drug overdoses of counterfeit Adderall pills.

"To be safe, members of the community are advised to avoid substances that have not been obtained lawfully and contact UPD if they believe they've seen any counterfeit pills," WVU said in a press release Thursday.

The University offered the following advice to individuals who are still on campus:

  • Remember, one pill can kill. For information about the Drug Enforcement Administration’s campaign, One Pill Can Kill, visit and
  • Do not consume substances that could be counterfeit as such pills are made to look like prescription opioids.
  • If you think you or someone else has overdosed, immediately call 911. Every minute counts. Do not delay.
  • Under the University’s Student Code of Conduct and the laws of West Virginia, bystanders and those affected by drug or alcohol overdose may be safe from prosecution and may not face charges under the campus student Code of Conduct if they seek medical assistance in an emergency and certain conditions are met. Specifically, if you or someone you know is experiencing an overdose:
    • Call 911 immediately to report what’s happening.
    • Identify yourself if requested by any medical personnel, University officials or law-enforcement officers.
    • Remain where you are (with the individual) if it is safe.
    • Cooperate with medical personnel, University officials or law-enforcement officers — and provide any information they request to help the person in distress.
  • Download the LiveSafe app.

Additional University resources:

  • WVU Police Department – 911 | 304-293-2677 | 304-293-3136
  • WVU CARE Team
  • WVU Carruth Center – 304-293-4431
  • WVU Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – 304-293-5600
  • WVU Office of Student Conduct – 304-293-8111
  • WVU Faculty-Staff Assistance Program – 304-293-5590
  • WVU Rape and Domestic Violence Information Center – 304-292-5100
  • WVU Office of Campus and Community Life – 304-293-5611
  • WVU Student Health Service – 304-285-7200
  • WVU Division of Student Life – 304-293-5811