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Gov. Jim Justice vetoed the anti-hazing bill on Wednesday after it passed unanimously in the Senate and was approved by three-fourths of the House of Delegates.

Update: Headline and article changed to include WVU news release information on Sunday night. Additional information from the international sorority added in at 3:30 p.m. on Monday. Information from Morgantown public information officer added at 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

I’m sorry for driving here on sorority Bid Day. Wait, no I’m not. This is a road, made for cars, one of which I am currently in. 

During this time of the semester, you will start to see a lot of advertisements, social media posts and people out promoting their specific fraternities on campus. It is normal to think to yourself, “What is the deal with fraternities and why are these guys so passionate about this?” Well, h…

A movement as significant as what five fraternities started this semester needed a leader strong enough to keep the ship sailing straight, even when the pressure was on. 

We write in response to the front page story, “Documents Detail Reported Violations by Greeks,” in the November 5 DA. The article, which is punctuated throughout with factual errors and misrepresentations, illustrates all too well why Phi Sigma Kappa and four other fraternities have elected …

A 2012 article in The New York Times written by Todd and Victoria Buchholz said that young American adults are part of a “go-nowhere generation.” What they mean by this is that young Americans are stagnant and unmotivated.

When WVU placed a moratorium on Greek life last spring over behavioral concerns, the University established a program, called Reaching the Summit, to recommend changes for Greek organizations on campus.

The Independent Interfraternity Council (IIFC) held an informal recruiting session Wednesday evening in a response to WVU’s announcement to hold a secondary recruitment session for WVU-affiliated fraternities.

WVU's Interfraternity Council (IFC) held the first event of its pilot program rush period just two days after the council announced it would begin accepting first semester freshmen again.


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