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Damage from a rock fall on a PRT car on Monday, Feb. 10. A student's features have been blurred by the DA.

Kaleigh Moss heard screams and glass shattering.

Seconds before, the WVU student had been sitting on the PRT looking down at her phone.

Moss was one of the nine WVU students named in a WVU Police Department report who were in the PRT that collided with rock fall debris on Monday, Feb. 10.

After the collision, Moss said she went to the emergency room to get a CT Scan and X-ray on her hip due to bruising, according to the report. While there, a physician advised Moss she had a concussion and told her to follow up with WVU Student Health.

The following students were named in the report:

Anthony Ara Abrahamian - Age 19

Chloe Bolin - Age 19

Delaney Virginia Boylan - Age 19

Andrew Robert Davis - Age 19

Laurel Leigh Goff - Age 18

Alyssa Nicole Mauck - Age 19

Kaleigh Mae Moss - Age 18

Hannah Abigail Schorr - Age 18

Maceon Edward Wheeler- Age 19

rock fall 7

Damage from a rock fall on a PRT car on Feb. 10, 2020. Emergency services cut a large portion off the vehicle to remove the occupants.

The Daily Athenaeum reported last week on the injuries of Bolin, an animal and nutritional sciences student, and Wheeler, an engineering student.

According to a post on the WVU Western Equestrian Team Facebook page, Bolin was a member of the team.

“Her tailbone was broken all the way through and so the doctors inserted a large screw,” the Facebook post said. “She has two screws, one on each side of her pelvis and a bar placed in front of her pelvis that will be there until it heals.”

Wheeler said he received pelvis fractures from the collision.

A Morgantown press release from last week said only two students were injured. The University said two were admitted to Ruby Memorial Hospital and a third was evaluated. This police report offers more information about the effect the collision and its aftermath had on the students within the PRT.

Boylan rode the PRT with her roommate, Mauck, and her boyfriend, Davis, according to the report. Boylan said she heard a loud, unexpected noise; glass flew on them, and the PRT came to a stop.

The next morning, Boylan said she woke up with a headache and became nauseated, according to the report. Boylan said she went Ruby Memorial Hospital, where she was told she suffered a concussion and anxiety from the incident.

Mauck said she went to Ruby Memorial Hospital the following day, and she was told she suffered a strained back, according to the report.

Standing in the middle of the PRT, Goff said she saw the boulders roll down the mountain and strike the front window of the PRT, shattering it, according to the report. Goff said she did not suffer any major injuries from the incident, but she mentioned that her body is sore from the incident, specifically her back and neck.

Goff said she is suffering from mental trauma due to the incident, according to the report, and she will talk to a professional about it at the Carruth Center.

Abrahamian said he ducked for cover when the glass shattered.

Abrahamian said he then stood up to check on the other passengers on the PRT, according to the report. Abrahamian said he noticed two of the front passengers were hurt, and he then yelled to a bystander to call 911.

Abrahamian said he didn’t suffer any injuries from the incident, according to the report.

Wheeler said he was looking down when he was thrown to the front of the PRT and the glass flew toward him and hit his face, arms, and hips, according to the report. Wheeler stayed at Ruby Memorial Hospital for multiple days, and he suffered abrasion to his rear and fractures to his pelvis.

Schorr said on Tuesday she went to the WVU Student Health Center to be seen for a possible concussion from the incident, and she was advised to go to Ruby Memorial Hospital for further evaluation.

A car was also struck during the rock fall. Susan Cramer, 65, of Morgantown was the driver injured by the boulder. While the city had initially believed that all injuries resulting from Monday’s rock slide were minor, Cramer had a few broken bones and a collapsed lung that required surgery, said Morgantown spokesperson Michaela Martin.