Morgantown Parking Authority issued nearly 160,000 parking citations that totaled just under $1.3 million from January 2016 to December 2018.

The largest amount of citations given in one month in this time period was in April 2016, when MPA issued 6,134 tickets, which add up to $53,152.50, according to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The citations issued include fees for expired meters, no parking permits displayed, backing into spaces, impounds, tow aways, among a few other charges. 

In 2018, MPA issued 52,447 citations, totaling $434,696.17. MPA also tracks the outstanding balance, or amount unpaid, for unpaid tickets, which for 2018 was $77,308.69.

In 2017, MPA issued 52,758 citations, totaling $413,035. $52,641.50 of that amount has not been paid to the date listed in the available documents requested.

In 2016, MPA issued 54,751 citations, totaling $443,247.50. $39,886.50 of that amount has gone unpaid.

The outstanding balance for all three years was $169,836.69; the total amount of citations issued were 159,986, totaling $1,290,978.67.